Can I eat fastfood when pregnant?

Can I eat fastfood when pregnant?

Can I eat burgers when pregnant?

Yes, but... Yes, but...

You don't have to quit eating delicious meat in a crispy bun! Make sure that all the ingredients are fresh, meat is cooked well, vegetables are washed, and sauce is not made with raw eggs. It will be better if you choose homemade burgers instead of the big fastfood chains. Their burgers contain a lot of calories and unhealthy trans fats.

Can I eat french fries when pregnant?

Yes Yes

They are okay to eat but don't overdo it! Deep-fried potato is nothing but extra calories.

Can I eat hot dogs when pregnant?

Yes Yes

Enjoy! But only one thing - make sure that the hot dog was cooked properly.

Can I eat pizza when pregnant?

Yes Yes

I don't know anyone who doesn't like pizza, do you? You can help yourself to a piece, but make sure the pizza is cooked well.

Can I eat sandwiches when pregnant?

Yes Yes

Sandwiches are great when you make them yourself, especially if you use wholemeal bread and add some fresh, healthy ingredients. Avoid ready-made sandwiches which you can buy in supermarkets or at gas stations.

Can I eat kebab when pregnant?

Avoid Avoid

Kebabs are made with meat. If you don't know where it comes from and how it was cooked, please avoid it! Kebab contains a lot of fats which can lead to excessive weight gain and various stomach issues.