I bambini possono bere pane?

I bambini possono bere pane?



Che tipo di farina è meglio cuocere il pane a lievitazione naturale per i bambini?

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Sourdough bread, wholemeal bread, wheat bread, spelt bread, rye bread, brown bread, Graham bread, mixed bread, wheat rolls

Mom, good quality bread, without unnecessary leavening agents, preservatives, and colour additives can be added when you start expanding my diet. Remember that store-bought bread contains salt and so I should only eat such bread occasionally. If you bake bread yourself without added salt, I can chow down on it often. It's best when you bake sourdough bread using different types of flours.


Bread, especially wholemeal one, has high nutritional density, which means that there are a lot of nutrients and energy in a small piece. Energy from carbohydrates is a fuel for my body. Wholemeal products are also a source of protein, fiber, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, and calcium.

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