When to start expanding baby the diet

According to the current chart of infant nutrition, solid foods should be introduced between the 5th and 7th month, and more specifically – after the 17th week but no later than in the 26th week.
Those are the recommendations, but when am I really ready to start my adventure with solid foods?
There are a few signs which you can observe between month 4 and 6 that show that I am ready.
Stable sitting position
What does it mean to sit in a stable position? While sitting on your legs or in a chair (with support) I don’t sway from side to side or back and forth. This is a sign that I will be able to hold on for a few minutes during the meal. A stable position reduces the risk of gagging and choking.
Motor coordination
Another sign that I’m ready to eat solid foods is when I can get the food into my mouth with good aim. This means that my motor coordination is well developed.
Lack of extrusion reflex
When you put a spoon in my mouth or give me solid foods, I will not push them out with my tongue. If I still do that, this means I’m not ready to eat other foods than milk yet.
Interest in food
If you notice that I’m interested in food, and I carefully check what you give me, try to put it in my mouth, grab food and play with it, this is a sign that it might be worth starting to give me solid meals regularly.

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