Your Perfect First Trimester Pregnancy Food Chart

Wondering what to eat during the first, second and third months of pregnancy? With our chart you will learn about what to eat and what to avoid in the first trimester.

Promoting a Healthy Pregnancy with Weight Tracker

Embark on your pregnancy journey with confidence by incorporating our pregnancy weight tracker into your routine. Start tracking your weight during pregnancy today and embrace the support HiMommy app provides for a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Stress-Free Parenting Prep: Check Out our Layette Must-Have Checklist App!

Ready to experience the ease and joy of preparing for your baby's arrival? Download the HiMommy Layette app now and embark on a stress-free journey into parenthood.

Seamless Preparation for the Big Day: Check Out our Hospital Bag App!

Ready to pack your bag for the hospital with ease? Your peace of mind is just a click away – ensure a hassle-free and organized hospital stay for you and your newborn.

Stay Active During Pregnancy with Expert-Guided Workouts!

Ready to embrace a healthier pregnancy? Our pregnancy app offers workout guidance specifically designed for moms-to-be. Don't wait, start your workout routine today!

Celebrate Your Pregnancy with Week-by-Week Bump Photos

Embrace the magic of pregnancy with HiMommy and week-by-week bump photos. Easily capture your growing bump with our user-friendly app, designed for moms-to-be like you.

What to eat in pregnancy? Pregnancy diet app

Have you ever wondered if you can eat a certain product while pregnant or what to eat in pregnancy? With the HiMommy app you don't have to wonder anymore, you have all the information in one pregnancy diet app.

Understanding Baby Sizes: Comparison to Fruits and Vegetables

Discover how your baby grows, likened to fruits and veggies. Decode your little one's development stages effortlessly. Learn and nurture with our insightful comparison guide!

Baby's Development Comparing to the World of Flowers

Discover the beauty of pregnancy as we compare your baby's growth to flowers. From seedling to full bloom, witness the magic of nature within. Explore each stage and anticipate your little one's arrival.

Understanding Baby Sizes: Guidance for Guys

Get a guy-friendly perspective on baby sizes during pregnancy! Our article compares the size of a growing baby to everyday objects. From a chocolate chip to a knight's helm, track your baby's growth in a fun, relatable way.

Tracking Fetal Growth Week by Week Through Comparing Baby Sizes to Body Parts

Discover the wonders of fetal growth, comparing a baby's size to body parts from taste buds to shoulders. Follow the incredible journey week by week, from microscopic beginnings to fully formed miracles. Experience the marvel of life in this insightful guide.

Exploring Animal Babies That Match Your Baby's Size in Pregnancy

Discover fascinating comparisons between baby sizes during pregnancy and animal babies in this informative article. From the tiny Water Bear to the adorable Baby Snow Leopard, find out how your baby's size measures up week by week.

Exploring Baby Growth Through Everyday Objects

Explore our fascinating article comparing baby sizes during pregnancy to everyday objects! Gain unique insights into fetal development as we draw creative parallels, providing expectant parents with a fun and relatable perspective on their growing little one.

What differentiates VERAGENE and VERACITY tests from other types of prenatal screenings?

Discover non-invasive prenatal tests like VERAGENE, VERACITY, NIFTY, and Panorama. Learn about their benefits, differences, and limitations. Make informed choices about your baby's health.

Pregnancy Examination Calendar - What Tests to Perform?

Discover what prenatal tests are important at different stages of pregnancy. Read about non-invasive genetic tests and other tests that help monitor the health of mother and baby. Find out when and what tests are most important during pregnancy.

What prenatal tests are conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Discover key prenatal tests during the first trimester of pregnancy, including non-invasive genetic tests. Learn how to monitor your baby's development and detect possible genetic defects early in pregnancy.

Prenatal tests - what are they and when should they be performed?

Prenatal tests: types, importance, and timing. Learn about non-invasive screenings and genetic tests like VERACITY & VERAGENE. Discover who should consider these tests and their preparations.

Boy or Girl – How to Determine a Child's Gender?

Discover your baby's gender with prenatal tests! Move beyond old myths - explore when and how to find out. Say goodbye to the guessing game, hello to certainty!

Guide for Future Fathers: How to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy?

How to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy? Read our guide for future fathers and gain practical tips on education, emotional support, and preparations for childbirth. Discover the father's role in the pregnancy and parenting process.

Traveling During Pregnancy: Tips and Safety Guidelines

Are you planning a trip during pregnancy? Discover essential tips and safety guidelines to help you enjoy your journey while pregnant. Learn the best practices, avoid risks, and prioritize your health and comfort while traveling.

Comparison of Child Sizes to Fruits

Discover the fascinating fetal development process during pregnancy by comparing its size to fruits. Learn how a tiny pea-sized embryo becomes a medium-sized watermelon and understand the factors that influence a healthy child's development.

What can a child eat up to 1 year of age?

Discover what a child can eat in the first year of life. Our article on infant nutrition provides practical tips, from breastfeeding to introducing solid foods. A healthy diet for infants is key to their healthy development!

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Discover the secrets of skincare during pregnancy. Learn how to maintain a healthy glow and avoid skin problems. Tips, safe products, and a diet for expectant mothers. See how to enjoy radiant skin during pregnancy.

Sleep and Pregnancy

Discover the Importance of Healthy Sleep During Pregnancy and Learn About the Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Health of Both Mother and Child. Read Practical Tips on Sleeping During Pregnancy and Prioritize Your Well-Being. Find Out How to Ensure Restorative Sleep.

Headaches During Pregnancy

Learn how to deal with headaches during pregnancy. Causes, treatment, and advice for expectant mothers.

Exercises During Pregnancy: Safe Workouts for Expecting Mothers

Discover the Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy and the Rules for Safe Workouts for Expecting Mothers. Learn how to maintain physical activity during pregnancy while keeping your health and comfort in mind. Find inspiration and tips for staying active during pregnancy.

Stress and Emotions During Pregnancy

Discover how hormones affect emotions during pregnancy and how to effectively cope with mood swings. Learn when to seek support from a specialist and how to take care of your mental health during this unique period.

Play Activities Supporting Child Development Up to 3 Months

You will find practical tips for parents here, and you will learn why building an emotional bond with your child from the first days is so important. Discover the key stages of development and the benefits of play for your little one.

Reducing The Risk of Postpartum Depression

One in seven new mothers experiences postpartum depression (PPD). Women who already suffer from anxiety or depression are more prone to PPD – even during pregnancy.

Understanding the Size of a Baby at 21 Weeks

Every expectant mother shares the thrill of witnessing their baby's growth throughout the gestation period. It's an exciting journey of anticipation and learning.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Being 27 Weeks Pregnant: Baby's Growth, Maternal Changes, and What to Expect

If you're 27 weeks pregnant, congratulations! You're about to close the chapter on your second trimester and embark on the journey into your third and final trimester.

How to recognise pregnancy in its 1st week?

Are you at a stage of trying for a baby, and with each successive cycle you hope that “this is it”? Do you feel like doing a pregnancy test every day, but you are not sure when it makes any sense and there is a chance to detect pregnancy?

How Many Weeks in Pregnancy: The Guide to Understanding Your Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy is a miraculous time, filled with anticipation and many questions. One of the most common questions is, "How many weeks in pregnancy?"

Safety and Benefits of Consuming Kefir in Pregnancy

Are you expecting and wondering whether it's safe to consume kefir during pregnancy? You've landed in the right place. This article focuses on the safety and benefits of consuming kefir in pregnancy.

Learn when you start to feel baby’s movements and how to recognise them

Have you already felt first baby’s movements or are you still waiting for them? Certainly, it is one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy.

How to prepare for pregnancy?

This is a question that causes sleepless nights for many women planning pregnancy.

What you cannot eat when you are pregnant. A list for future mums

Are you wondering what you should eat during pregnancy? Or rather, which products should you avoid?

What should you eat during pregnancy? List of products

Shat can you actually eat to positively influence the development of your baby?

How does the beginning of pregnancy look like?

Are you at the stage when you are trying for a baby and wondering what will happen when you see two bands on a pregnancy test?

What you should not do when you are pregnant. See what you should avoid!

The body of a pregnant woman is governed by completely different rules. What is allowed at any other time, can be forbidden during pregnancy.

The influence of physical activity on pregnancy, labour, a foetus and a newborn

Physical activity during pregnancy and post childbirth brings the following benefits to mother and foetus health

Comparing Your Baby's Size to Animals: A Delightful Guide to Fetal Development

we'll explore a delightful guide to fetal development, comparing your baby's size to various animals throughout the weeks of your pregnancy based on the information provided.

Fetal Size by Week: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Baby's Growth

Discover your baby's growth throughout your pregnancy journey, from 8 weeks to 41 weeks, with our comprehensive guide to fetal size by week, including length and weight measurements.

Pregnancy calendar - pregnancy week by week

The “statistical” pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

First signs of pregnancy - when do they develop and how can you recognise them?

A lack of menstruation is obviously the first, most obvious sign of pregnancy, though it is not always present.

How many weeks does pregnancy last and how can you calculate your due date?


Pregnancy day by day

Your baby’s development stages are divided into three trimesters, with each of them lasting for a little longer than 13 weeks. 

Pack your bag for labour

Preparing a bag for the hospital for the mum and the baby is a real challenge. Each expectant mum wonders what she will need during labour and her stay at the hospital. What should she take for the baby, and for herself.

Pack your bag for labour

Preparing a bag for the hospital for the mum and the baby is a real challenge. Each expectant mum wonders what she will need during labour and her stay at the hospital. What should she take for the baby, and for herself.

Application for counting contraction

Are you already in the last weeks of pregnancy and are you wondering when "that moment" to go to the hospital come? Install the contraction counter app and get ready for delivery as soon as it is possible!

Application for counting contraction

Are you already in the last weeks of pregnancy and are you wondering when "that moment" to go to the hospital come? Install the contraction counter app and get ready for delivery as soon as it is possible!

Bibliography - Eat or not to eat - baby


Bibliography - Eat or not to eat - pregnancy


Daddy Pregnancy App

HiDaddy! is one of the free apps created for fathers. It's a form of a dad's field guide or pregnancy tracker with helpful tools, journal log and weekly updates about baby's size and baby's development.

How to take care of yourself during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in the life of every woman. When we learn that we are going to have a baby, our heads are swarming with question, how to take care of ourselves during pregnancy, what should we change about our current lifestyle, and what we can and cannot do during this time.

What should you eat during pregnancy? - 1st trimester

The diet of pregnant women is of particular importance for foetal development, and for good mood of the woman.

First weeks of pregnancy - what should you know?

The time of pregnancy is both the longest and the shortest nine months in woman’s life. Although it is counted from the first day of the last menstruation, the first signs are felt only several weeks later.

HiMommy, a pregnancy tracker application that makes future Mums happy!

HiMommy, a pregnancy tracker application that makes future Mums happy!

Keep Up With Your Baby's Kick Counts: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Kick Counter App

Tracking your baby's movement is an easy way to check in and make sure the baby's okay.

What are contractions indicative of?


Photo Bump photos


Photo Bump photos


HiMommy pregnancy tracker application

HiMommy - Pregnancy Tracker App - helps future and brand new moms with nutrition tips, stats and many more.

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