HiMommy, a pregnancy tracker application that makes future Mums happy!

An idea to create the pregnancy tracker application HiMommy emerged when its developers were expecting their own baby. The main cause for designing a pregnancy tracker application was their wish to learn how the foetus was developing. Within 9 months from fertilisation, a human is created from a tiny cell. This extraordinary transformation awoke our interest and we decided to the increase the awareness about pregnancy and baby’s development. Additionally, changes that occur in the woman’s body during the pregnancy were also a motivation for ensuring that each pregnant woman knows what she can expect at a given time. Furthermore, daily messages sent from the belly strengthen the bond between the mother and her baby from the very beginning. They also instigate the sense of responsibility for the baby developing in their belly and this supports better treatment of themselves and increases the awareness. Daily information about the baby’s development and pregnancy progress provides future mums with a sense of safety, reduce stress levels and make the woman happier and calmer. As the studies* show, reduced stress levels in women during the pregnancy positively influence the baby’s development. Stressed women give birth to children that may have problems with concentrating and anxiety at later stages of their life. *HiMommy is a pregnancy tracking application that accompanies women day by day in this beautiful journey that the pregnancy is.
With the HiMommy application, pregnant women can learn how their baby is developing, what magical things are happening inside their body, and how fast their child grows and what are its dimensions in a specific pregnancy week. The application informs future mums about their baby’s development using brief and sweet messages sent from the baby’s point of view. For example, a mum may read the following message: “Mum, I know that you are feeling increasingly tired and sleepy during the day, and persisting nausea may disrupt your previous functioning. My apologies. I promise this will pass. Take care of yourself, now! Please!”
After installing the HiMommy application, a woman knows what to avoid during pregnancy, which food products are good for her mood and support baby’s development.
Things that a woman eats during pregnancy have a decisive influence on the foetal development. Therefore, the awareness of advantages resulting from a healthy diet of a future Mum is important. The healthy eating is one of the most beautiful presents that a woman can give her baby from the very start of its existence. With correct nutrition, a woman supplies necessary ingredients for correct functioning of all processes occurring during the foetal development.
Additionally, the application can be used to monitor the correct body weight during pregnancy.
The increase in the body weight during pregnancy is important for the pregnancy progress and the health of the future mother and her baby. The increase in the body weight that should be achieved by the woman is calculated on a basis of her BMI before pregnancy.
The HiMommy application also includes a diary, in which future mothers can make their daily notes that will become unique memorabilia for a long time. To facilitate making notes, women can answer asked questions that appear randomly on a given day of pregnancy. The questions are asked in such way that a mother can direct her memories directly to her baby. For example, she can answer questions like “Mum, how are you doing today?”, “Mum, could you, please write how your day is going on?”, “What do you want share with me today?”.
Photographs of the growing belly that can be taken in the application are also a great occasion to recall memories. The future mum can capture her growing belly and changes taking place in her body during pregnancy. To ensure that the photo of the growing belly is valuable, we prepared guidelines to help her with taking the best photo possible. Furthermore, the HiMommy application also helps the woman at the end of pregnancy to count movements of her baby and thus to control its activity. Observations of foetal movements provide necessary information on the baby’s health. The monitoring of baby’s kicks and movements should start already in the 28th week of pregnancy and continue until labour. Another function that all mothers may definitely find useful at the end of pregnancy is the list of things to pack into their bag for labour. The list includes all necessary things that the future mum may need during labour and after it, as well as things for the new-born baby.
Pregnancy is a special time, a time of waiting for the baby, not only for a woman, but it is also an exciting time for her partner, a future father of the baby. Therefore, an application for future dads, HiDaddy, was also developed helping them to learn how pregnancy progresses and everything about baby’s development and changes occurring in their partner.
HiDaddy is the application which, just like HiMommy, every day sends notifications from the baby’s point of view, with nice words to future dads.
The baby informs them about its development, shows how fast it grows and what develops in the unborn baby in a given week.
The application allows dads to understand women’s behaviours, their ailments and changing moods. With this application, dads know how to care for a woman, how to meet her expectations, and can help their partners during more difficult moments of their pregnancy. Furthermore, the HiDaddy application is synchronised with the HiMommy application, so a mother can send to a father information on her mood, expressing it with interesting icons.
With the HiDaddy application tracking pregnancy day by day, future dads become calmer, more caring and definitely more aware of things happening in the woman’s body during pregnancy. The application prepares them for the great day of their baby’s birth and for the future care after their child. HiDaddy also contains tips directed to fathers themselves. The application knows that pregnancy can be not only a beautiful waiting time, but also the time of uncertainty and fear. Therefore, future dads can find there information answering their questions and doubts.
The HiDaddy application also appeals to dads that have some distance to themselves and to a new situation of waiting for their baby. It presents the situation of a foetus developing in the woman’s body in a funny way and helps to take easier mum’s behaviour during pregnancy.
Pregnancy and the time of waiting for a baby is an extraordinary time in the life of the whole family; however, it is bringing up and providing care to their baby that represents the greatest challenge to future parents. Especially immediately after its birth, this tiny human requires special care and closeness. It is the time when parents develop a bond with their baby and surround it with plenty of love. For all parents, first moments with their baby are very special, but may also be stressful. Many questions and doubts arise. A newly born human is not able to express its needs in a clear and communicative way yet. Its only language of communication is crying. With the HiMommy application that continues to accompany the parents in their adventure of parenthood after the baby is born, the new parents discover the development of their baby on each day. They know what to expect in each month and week of its life, until it turns one year old. Every day, they receive notifications what is happening with their baby, and they also learn how to play with it to support its development. After the birth, the HiMommy application additionally helps parents to monitor the baby’s weight and all its measured parameters according to growth charts. Additionally, during expanding of the baby’s diet, the HiMommy application helps mum and dad compose healthy and safe meals.
It is our desire to create an application shared by all mums waiting for a birth of their child, and those who already are raising their children. We believe that mutual support of women will contribute to a better mood of every woman and ensure healthy and normal development of each baby.