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Are you already in the last weeks of pregnancy and are you wondering when "that moment" to go to the hospital come? Install the contraction counter app and get ready for delivery as soon as it is possible!
How do you count labor contractions? Our app will do it for you!
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One of the most important functions of the HiMommy app is counting your labor contractions.
This is a great convenience for any expectant mother who has the absolute right to “be in no state” to deal with counting the frequency of contractions.
Are you curious how the app counts your labor contractions? You just mark the moment of starting the contraction, and HiMommy independently "calculates" their frequency. Thanks to this, you have the full control over which stage of labor you are at moment!
It is the frequency of contractions that determines the moment of arrival at the hospital!
The function of counting contractions gives every expectant mother a feeling of (as much as it is possible) comfort.
It cannot be denied that this is crucial - especially right before the birth.
Are you concerned that you will mistake predictive contractions for labor contractions or miss the first labor contractions?
Are you stressed about making a mistake in the calculations of how long contractions last and what is their frequency?
Thanks to HiMommy, counting your labor contractions becomes very easy!
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Make sure you go to the hospital at the right moment!
Thanks to the HiMommy application, you can easily find out about the duration of contractions and - thus - the progress of labor. It will be easier for you to distinguish Braxton Hicks contractions from labor and you won’t have to be "on the phone" with your midwife or gynecologist.
The contraction counter app for pregnant women is the perfect solution before impending childbirth! Thanks to it, knowing the frequency and strength of the contraction, you will be able to determine if it is already "hour zero", the perfect time to pack for the delivery room!
Make your life easier by counting your labor contractions in the HiMommy app!
Every expectant mother should have maximum peace of mind for a long time before giving birth. It also positively affects the course of the labor!
Contraction timer, which is the contraction counter, will perfectly replace the "standard" counting methods of contractions and checking the progress of labor.
Remember that every contraction may be significant!
The start of a labor is not always the same!
Often, despite regular contractions of a pregnant woman, it may turn out that her contractions are too weak, thus - ineffective. Otherwise, the contractions may be more frequent and harder, but irregular.
It is worth remembering that you do not always go to the hospital after the loss of amniotic fluid.
It sometimes happens that it is the duration of contractions (their aggravation) and how intense they are that affects the decision to pack for the delivery.
In this case, a special application for counting contractions can be really helpful for every future mother! Who knows how many women "owe" it that the baby was born in the best possible conditions in the hospital!
Download the contraction counter and be prepared to start labor!
The HiMommy app with the functionality of a contraction counter is available both on Google
Play and the App Store. Its download is very easy and fast, and the benefits of using it- huge!
Applications for pregnant women are becoming more and more popular and it is hardly surprising - they are already a must have for every mom-to-be. Every woman wants to survive her pregnancy in the best possible way, and HiMommy will certainly make it possible for them.
The HiMommy app will help you both during pregnancy and after
In addition to having a contraction counter function, HiMommy also offers daily news regarding your baby's development, you can check your pregnancy details there (completing the required fields) as well as the nutritional guidelines.
All information about the application and its functions can be found on our website.
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