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Pregnancy is a period that stresses more than just the mom-to-be. It is also an important time for a man, while he's preparing for parenting and becoming a dad. That's why pregnancy apps for dads to be are created, supporting them during this important period and prepering them for their baby's birth. If you want to find helpful tips, help with a pregnancy of your partner and learn about baby's growth, this is an app for you!

HiDaddy! app for dads

HiDaddy! is one of the free apps created for fathers. It's a form of a dad's field guide or pregnancy tracker with helpful tools, journal log and weekly updates about baby's size and baby's development. It playfully sends messages from the baby as well as his mom and gives useful tips.

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Happy Daddy with the baby crawling

Best advices for dads

There is a lot of options, that can tell father to be about the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and about his partner's feelings. You can choose there a baby names, make a layette checklist together and also make customizable daddy checklist, which is really helpful during this special time. You can be prepare, which is very important.

Functions of this app

Thanks to the HiDaddy! app, your child will let you know how it is developing, how fast is growing and how's the mother is feeling. Your baby itself will tell you how to make the mom-to-be happy (for example by buing her ice-cream) and will also help you deal with moods by explaining what they are caused by.

Fun form, important informations

All messages are created in a fun format that will help you enjoy every day of waiting for the kid. Other features of this app are: weekly updates and weekly tips, informations about baby's weight every week and even contraction counter, when labor begins. Advice like this can be awesome for dads, so check out, when the little one will be here by this app!

How big is a baby now?

Parents still want to know, how big is their child. Thank to this app, every dad will know, how big is a baby. Seed? Mango? Maybe something even bigger? Your kid will tell you that. It's like an advice, but a funny one. Every day will be beautiful for future parents, and that's the aim of this daddy app.
Daddy with baby

Basic version

HiDaddy! app has two versions: in the basic one you will receive daily and polite informative messages from your baby. It's about baby's development, partner's pregnancy and becoming a family. It will tell you what to expect, when you will be daddy and what to do, when your partner is pregnant.
That kind of informations from a baby are important for fathers to be and new dads, so this version of daddy app is really helpful.

Funny version

The second, also free version is more funny. The baby is joking and sending funny messages to his big daddy. In this option kids even compare the belly to a prison, so if you want funny texts like this - it's perfect version for you!
It'a a track, but a funny one with updates every week. Child's expecting and contraction counter are still here, but you don't have to be so nervous about your partner's pregnancy. Big daddy has to be strong for his baby!

Free app for a big daddy

Free app for a big daddy

HiDaddy! it's a good choice for new dad, who has pregnant wife. So if you're looking for best pregnancy apps, that can be also a pregnancy tracker, check it out! You can find this app on a google play.

HiMommy! - an app for future mothers

There is also available track app for moms, similar to this one. It's also a guide, but for women during their pregnancy. Weekly updates, tips and journal log in a one place. Both of them - HiMommy! and HiDaddy! - are free.

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