How do we calculate your pregnancy months in our apps?

Wondering how we calculate your pregnancy months in our apps? Here is a guide to help you!
Understanding the progression of your pregnancy can help you keep track of your pregnancy, monitor your baby's development and prepare for your baby's arrival.
Pregnancy is usually measured in weeks, not months, because this gives a more accurate timeframe. A full-term pregnancy is around 40 weeks. However, converting this into months can be a bit more complicated because not all months have the same number of days.
Here's a general breakdown:
Weeks 1-4: 1st month
Weeks 5-8: 2nd month
Weeks 9-13: 3rd month
Weeks 14-17: 4th month
Weeks 18-21: 5th month
Weeks 22-26: 6th month
Weeks 27-30: 7th month
Weeks 31-35: 8th month
Weeks 36-40: 9th month
This means that the first trimester of pregnancy lasts 1-13 weeks, the second trimester 14-26 weeks and the third trimester 27-40 weeks.
It's important to note that this is a rough guide and different sources may have slightly different definitions. The HiMommy/HiDaddy app uses this general guideline to help you track how far along you are in your pregnancy.
Please note that the exact week you start a new month can vary. For example, some consider the start of the 5th month to be week 18, while others consider it to be week 19.
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