Pack your bag for labour

Preparing a bag for the hospital for the mum and the baby is a real challenge. Each expectant mum wonders what she will need during labour and her stay at the hospital. What should she take for the baby, and for herself. These questions and doubts mainly trouble women who are expecting their first baby, or a long time elapsed between their first labour and the second due date.
An application with a list of things to pack to the hospital can be downloaded here: Download the HiMommy application

A list of things in the hospital bag

A hospital bag is simply a complete set of all things that may be needed by the mum and the baby. All these things should be packed into one bag a few weeks before the planned due date. If you do not want to forget anything, you’d better carry this list on you at all times. The best solution is to have it in a mobile application, to which you will have a constant access.

How to pack your hospital bag

The hospital bag is important for your comfort and sense of safety throughout your stay at a hospital. It should be ready in Week 36 at the latest. The bag packed in advance will reduce the stress associated with labour and hospital. Remember to pack only those things that are necessary. Learn in advance what the hospital will provide to you during labour and your stay, and what you have to buy yourself. Check the list of things on the hospital website.
Do not be led astray by advertisements and peer pressure, the bag does not have to be packed to its limits and heavy. It may happen that you will have to carry it, and this may prove too difficult, especially when the first contractions start.
Preferably, you should choose a bag with wheels, with which you can move freely, and which can also be carried.
Ask your friends that already are mums, what was useful for them during labour, and the hospital stay, read the list of necessary things proposed by us, and pack your bag today! Remember, if you run out of anything, you may ask your partner or other friend or kin to bring you that thing.
An application in which you can check things that have already been packed can be downloaded here: Download the HiMommy application

A list of things for mum

A hospital bag for the mum should contain a set of documents with current test results, sets of clothes for labour and after it, and cosmetics. When you pack a bag for yourself, pack separately things for labour and to be used after labour, as well as clothes for leaving the hospital.

Documents for the hospital.

The documents you should take with you include:
Your identity card, a referral to the hospital (if required), VAT number of your employer or your own, if you run your own business, your birth plan, your maternity notes, and current tests results.
The expectant mother can check which test results she should take to the hospital on a website of the hospital in which she plans to give birth. However, those test results must definitely include urinalysis, last blood count, last pregnancy ultrasound scan, blood type determination, a level of ant-RH antibodies, HBS (the test performed after 32nd gestational week), Wasserman reaction, and GBS results. When the Caesarean section is planned, also electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and coagulation profile (INR, APTT). This last test should be performed 4 to 5 days before the planned procedure.
Pack all documents and test results in a folder with a rubber band, and preferably place them on the top or in a side pocket of the bag.

For mum for labour

For labour, you will need one or two birthing shirts (they can be long loose T-shirts or nighties which you can throw away later with no regrets), slippers, and warm socks.
During labour, still mineral water, snacks, moisturising lip balm, or a refreshing water spray for your face can be useful. The expectant mum also should have something helping her to relax during labour. It can be a playlist with her favourite music that she will listen to during labour, she can also take massage oils when her partner participates in the natural birth and will try to soothe pain in her back.

After labour

What a new mum will definitely need are shirts for breastfeeding with a front opening or which can be easily pulled up. Two bras for feeding, tissues, breast pads, tetra nappies, maternity knickers, super-absorbent sanitary pads, several maternity pads, body care products and other toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste and brush, shower gel, shampoo, intimate wash, hairbrush). Additionally, take two bath towels, and slippers for the shower. Your mobile phone with a charger, and a breast pumps are also necessary.
Things for your baby to be packed for hospital
Putting together a bag for your baby, first think in which month your baby will arrive. It is good to be ready for different temperatures and weather conditions.
You should take a set of clothes for the baby, including long and short sleeved ones - bodysuits opening along their entire length, several pairs of sleepsuits (or romper suits). You should also have one pack of disposable diapers, sterile compresses, saline solution for rinsing eyes, and wetwipes. Additionally, you will need some tetra nappies and muslin diapers. For a newborn, a swaddle wrap, a blanket, a cap, socks, and a towel will also be useful.
If you plan to feed your baby with formula, you should also take sterile bottles and teats to the hospital.
An application in which you can check things that have already been packed for a newborn can be downloaded here: Download the HiMommy application

Newborn care

From the very first day of its life, the newborn’s skin requires special care. The newborn baby needs delicate cosmetics that are dermatologically and allergically tested, and which can be used from the beginning. So take a nappy rush cream, and if the baby is to have its first bath at the hospital, also a delicate bath emollient.

On a day of discharge

Finally, you are going home with your little one. You have clothes prepared for yourself and the baby, you should also remember to remind your partner or other person collecting you to take a car seat, in which you will transport your baby home.
During your discharge from the hospital, make sure the doctor included all necessary information in the discharge card, like details of labour and its duration, and of your and your baby’s health. The hospital discharge card is important, because it contains all information about the health of your baby, in writing.
Packing your bag for hospital, do not take any unnecessary things which you will not need either during labour or after it. Do not take your makeup cosmetics, toys for the baby, or a laptop. You really will not need them at the hospital.

Bag for labour


Maternity notes, medical documentation
Birthing shirt
Mesh panties
Super-absorbent sanitary pads
Maternity pads
Bath towel, large and small
Mineral water
Telephone charger, power bank
Moisturising lip balm
Hair tie/band/clasp
Skincare products
Hair cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner)
Tooth brush and paste
Octenisept antiseptic spray
Breastfeeding bra x 2
Breastfeeding shirts
Clothes for going home

Bag for labour


Swaddle wrap
Several tetra nappies
Several muslin diapers
Romper suit x 3
Bodysuit, short and long sleeve (depending on the season)
Disposable diapers (about a dozen)
Nappy rash cream

Bag for labour


Mobile phone
Mineral water
Shoes for changing or shoe covers
Telephone charger
The entire list is available in the HiMommy application. Download here