Pregnancy calendar - pregnancy week by week

The “statistical” pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. In practice, it is the only time when first pregnancy weeks fly past much too fast, and then, as the labour date approaches, the time drags on endlessly...
As the future mum, on one hand you are afraid of labour, while on the other, you cannot wait to meet your baby... Stress is mixed with excitement, and all you go through during your pregnancy, especially when it is your first baby, is a great unknown.
It is natural that you want to find answers to your questions. You look for them everywhere, but remember, you will not always find reliable knowledge!

Discover new possibilities offered by the pregnancy calendar!

When you are looking for verified information and like to know at which development stage your baby is, the pregnancy calendar is just a right thing for you!
Each pregnancy trimester, even each pregnancy week (and sometimes also a day) is important from the point of view of baby’s development. Therefore, the pregnancy calendar, describing your baby week by week, can become your “guidebook”, By the way...

Did you know which pregnancy week is the most important one?

Probably, one correct answer to that question is not available. However, there is no doubt that the week in which you learn about your pregnancy, when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, and day of labour are great milestones.
These are moments you will remember till the end of your life, and not many other even come close.

The pregnancy calendar will facilitate “collecting” your memories!

Do you remember in which pregnancy week you saw the doctor for the first time? When did you buy the first thing for your baby? When did you feel your baby’s movements?
Although at the beginning everything seems to be so close, after your child is born, these moments quickly fly away and you do not remember them anymore!
The pregnancy calendar, in which you can make notes and add photos of your belly, and which describes the most important things at each pregnancy stage, can be irreplaceable! Additionally, you can always go back to it to recall all those beautiful moments!

The pregnancy calendar is an indispensable tool for young mums

The calendar, just like a pregnancy calculator, will inform you which week of your pregnancy you have reached on a basis of the first day of your last period or a planned due date. Apart from the functionality such as calculation of the pregnancy age, pregnancy calendars also contain detailed information on the pregnancy course and possible size and weight of your baby.
When you are already thinking about the approaching labour, you will definitely appreciate additional functionalities of calendars, such as contractions and kicks counters, nutritional recommendations, or a layette list.

Pregnancy days, weeks, months, trimesters... Get regular updates on your baby!

You know perfectly well how many weeks pregnancy last, but what happens during each of them? What pregnancy-related ailments are “normal” in the first, second or third trimester, and which should alarm you? What should the birth plan contain?
You certainly have lots of questions buzzing on your mind. What is important, is to be reasonable, as far as possible, and use only verified sources of knowledge! Unfortunately, not always you will have a gynaecologist or a midwife at hand. But you should remember that there is always the pregnancy calendar - a mine of knowledge about pregnancy and maternity!
With each pregnancy week you will see that the pregnancy calendar is a must have for the future mum!

Pregnancy week by week - what can you expect?

Each pregnancy trimester is governed by different rights. Each is equally important in terms of the baby’s development. See what you can expect at individual stages of your pregnancy, until your due date.

First pregnancy trimester

The first trimester is a period of great changes in your body, especially for first-time mothers. It is the first ultrasound scan, the gestational sac used to determine the pregnancy age and an estimated due date, the embryo, the first heartbeat...
At that time, although the belly is usually not yet visible, the pregnancy ailments, frequently very troublesome, develop. Nausea, mood swings, vomiting. These are actually not very pleasant signs of early pregnancy, which, fortunately, quickly resolve.

Second pregnancy trimester

By many mothers the second trimester is described as “the best pregnancy stage”. This results from the fact that pregnancy ailments resolve, you have plenty of energy, while your belly does not hinder you in your daily activities. The end of your pregnancy and the due date are still quite far in the future.
It is also the time when you attend antenatal classes and meet your midwife.

Third pregnancy trimester

It feels like a moment ago you were checking the date of your last period and started the pregnancy calculator to find out your due date, and it is the third pregnancy trimester already!?! It seems impossible, doesn’t it?
Week by week, your due date approaches, and you still do not feel ready? Do not worry, your body will let you know when “zero hour” strikes! Just remember to pack your hospital bag and get the most important things for the layette!

Install the pregnancy calendar and get regular updates about your baby!

Using a pregnancy calculator, such as HiMommy, you will get reliable information on the current stage of your pregnancy development. Week by week, you will learn “what’s going on” with your baby, and you will get access to the counter of contractions and kicks, and nutrition and layette lists.
Test HiMommy and check all its functionalities, and you will definitely stay with us for longer! Especially, as we have also prepared information for mothers of newborns and infants!Pregnancy calendar