What are contractions mean? True labour or Braxton Hicks contractions?

What are contractions indicative of?
Keeping a record of uterine contractions allows to detect the beginning of labour. The contraction of the uterus increases the intra-amniotic pressure.
During contractions the uterus becomes stiff and tenses for a short time. The pain which appears during contractions is felt individually by women.
How to tell Braxton Hicks contractions from true contractions?
The symptoms of false labour. Braxton Hicks contractions:
are not regular,
their frequency doesn't increase,
their pain level doesn't increase,
subside when you walk or change your position,
their intensity fluctuates (during the contraction it increases and then wanes).
Braxton Hicks contractions should subside spontaneously after about an hour. If it doesn't happen or if the contractions get stronger, this might indicate that one is experiencing true contractions.
The symptoms of true labour. True labour contractions:
get stronger,
don't ease up when you change your position,
become more frequent and painful,
become more regular (although not always; each contraction doesn't have to be more painful and longer than the last one),
last about 30 - 70 seconds,
the intensity of the contraction increases (not always in regular, equal intervals).
When to go to the hospital?
If your contractions are strong, last between 20 and 60 seconds and they are frequent, repeating every 5 - 10 minutes; even if they are much different in length and frequency, don't wait until they become regular.
Additionaly, if there are any additional accompanying and worrying symptoms (green colour of the amniotic fluid, bloody vaginal discharge) or if you feel anxious, go to the hospital immediately.
Remember that every woman is different and will experience pain in a different way. Just as there are no two pregnancies that are identical, there also won't be two deliveries that are the same.
Not always does the prenatal activity and labour itself go by the book.
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